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Jamieson Coote Bonds

CC JCB active bond fund | CC JCB GLOBAL BOND FUND

Building resilience into portfolios is essential for enduring market uncertainty

‘Resilience’ has greater resonance in the current uncertain environment we live in. When unforeseen market events occur, investors with resilient and high quality assets will have the best possible shock absorbers to help protect them from downside risk.

Asset quality and liquidity in times of stress

Investment markets continue to be tested in this highly uncertain environment. Markets will likely remain volatile, with a number of potentially significant counter trend rallies. Continued threats of a global economic recession and corporate debt defaults, along with the prospect of sustained low interest rates are creating further uncertainty for investors.

In times like these, asset quality and liquidity matter more than ever.

High grade sovereign bonds have historically defended and protected when needed during previous sustained bear markets and we believe they will continue to be a genuine store of wealth in highly uncertain times.

Strengthening portfolios with high grade bonds

Adding high grade bonds to a balanced portfolio alongside other riskier assets can help offset risk and assist to get the balance right between risk and return.

They can help investors create a portfolio that satisfies the demands of a true fixed income investment, including the provision of liquidity, low volatility, and negative correlation with equities. This can be a powerful combination that builds much needed resilience into portfolios to help withstand the enduring market uncertainty. However, despite the low risk profile of high-grade bonds when compared to other asset classes, all investments carry risk. Please refer to the PDS for key risks.

Fund Overview


Provides exposure to a highly defensive allocation across the G7 Governments.

Offers both currency hedged and unhedged classes and the flexibility to switch between $AUD hedged (to $USD), and $AUD unhedged, at no additional cost.

Performance to 31 march 2021*


1 Year

-20.74% pa

Since INcePtion (25/2/19)

0.94% pa


1 Year

-1.75% pa

Since INcePtion (25/2/19)

3.61% pa

Fund Documents

*Inception date is 25 February 2019. Performance is for the CC JCB Global Bond Fund, Class A (Hedged) and Class B (Unhedged), and is based on month end unit prices before tax in Australian Dollars. Performance is calculated after management fees and operating costs, excluding taxation. This is historical performance data. It should be noted the value of an investment can rise and fall and past performance is not indicative of future performance.


Provides exposure to Australian Government, semi-Government and supranational bonds – (AAA or AA rated securities).

Aims to outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Treasury 0+Yr Index over rolling 3 year periods, after fees.

Performance to 31 March 2021**

1 Year

-3.42% pa

3 Year

3.86% pa

Since INcePtion (3/8/16)

2.90% pa

Fund Documents

**Performance is for the CC JCB Active Bond Fund (APIR: CHN0005AU), also referred to as Class A units, and is based on month end unit prices before tax in Australian Dollars. Performance is calculated after management fees and operating costs, excluding taxation. This is historical performance data. It should be noted the value of an investment can rise and fall and past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Be selective with fixed income investment managers

Jamieson Coote Bonds (JCB) was formed in mid-2013 with the aim of producing superior risk-adjusted returns by giving investors access to a true defensive portfolio allocation to sovereign bonds. JCB has long advocated the role of fixed income in asset allocation as a way to protect and diversify portfolios.

It is important to understand that not all fixed income securities are created equal.

Investors need to be informed of how liquid and defensive their fixed income exposures are as it can have a substantial impact on performance, especially in times of market stress. Despite the higher volatility environment, JCB remains well positioned to service investor redemption requests without penalising our investors with increased sell spreads.

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