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About Us

Specialists in High Grade Bonds

Our business is investment led and centred around actively managing high grade bonds for the long term to produce superior risk-adjusted returns for investors. We aim to be the manager of choice for investors seeking a true defensive and disaggregated fixed income allocation within portfolios. Managing domestic and global high grade bonds is our one and only focus.


Founded in 2013, High Grade Bonds Remain Our Focus

Founded in Melbourne in 2013, Jamieson Coote Bonds (JCB) is a privately owned specialist high grade bond manager. JCB manages over A$4.2 billion (as at July 2020) of domestic and global high grade bond assets on behalf of institutional and retail investors. JCB is headquartered in Melbourne and has an office in Singapore.

JCB actively manages high grade bonds with the aim of delivering strong risk-adjusted returns and preserving capital, through domestic and international strategies.

Our business is investment led and solely focused on generating returns for our investors. We partner with Channel Capital who provides complete funds management infrastructure including middle office, risk management and compliance, client services, company secretarial and finance, together with marketing and distribution services.

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“We exist to enable investors, both institutional and retail to access one of the most reliable fixed income assets – and to build lasting partnerships with our clients.”
Angus Coote, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


over A$4.2 BILLION ON BEHALF OF Superannuation Funds, Large Managed Accounts and Retail Investors.

As at July 2020

Our investment philosophy is centred on duration management and targeted security bond selection (across and within sub-sectors) which we strongly believe can drive returns over appropriate time horizons. Economic fundamentals, monetary policies and politics, and bond supply/flow implications are critical drivers of ongoing returns, thus we believe skilled active management can help to protect investments on the downside and participate on the upside, over time.



The Advisory Board meet quarterly to capture the global and regional macro economic thematics and drivers of change. The investment team meet weekly to calibrate global data releases with an aim to identify risk events.


Bottom up sector and security selection is implemented through intensive analysis that includes sector asset allocation, determining relative value of securities, participation in new issues, currency positioning and ESG overlay.


Implementation of dynamic hedging strategy using interest rate futures and duration management to protect capital.

“As a team, we carefully balance risk vs. return on duration, curve, and country allocation strategies. The outcome is used as a basis to construct our portfolios.”
Kate Samranvedhya, Director, Deputy Chief Investment Officer  

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